A program for serious players who want to train, practice, compete and to be pushed to get better. To learn how to play at a high level and become a college basketball player. Players will be required to attend practices 2 to 4 times a week. Practices will be run at a collegiate level in style, demands, preparation and philosophy. Our spring program will start with a mini-camp tryout in March run through Memorial Day. 

Included in program: 

Only 8 or 9 rostered  players per team to insure and demand all players to get better through practice and playing time.  (Rostered meaning actually playing at that event)

2 to 4 practices per week ranging from 1 hr and a half to 2 hrs per practice.

5 to 7 * High end Showcase/ tournaments Spring Session.  4-7 High end Showcase/tournaments Summer session,  additional fees. * Individual camps players pay on their own.  * Travel parents are responsible for travel.


Custom Fundamental U  game uniform, long sleeve t-shirt, sleeveless hoodie shooting  shirt, team back pack and game socks.

Top high level experienced coaches with several years of experience in college basketball and coaching who are committed to teaching and honest development

This program is for the players who want to be honestly critiqued, developed, and learn how to play fundamental team basketball. 


They will learn proper man to man defense, rotations, assignments, switches, defending screens, hedges, icing, conversions and team rebounding. The emphasis will be play defense or you will not play.



They will learn proper spacing, setting up screens, attacking ball screens, how to make reads with verbal calls, transition spacing, proper shot selection, how to play with teammates, and how to work and share the ball for team success.



Skills with purpose training!