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*High efficiency demanding practices * Quality collegiate level coaches under a collegiate style system * Loaded schedule * Most gym time and tournament play than any other state program * Recruiting connections at the collegiate and prep level * Reputation built on playing quality basketball*



17u RISE (2023)

#8     Jakob Blakely        6'0 - Larkin (2024)

#13  Ryan Duncan        6'2 - University High - Chicago 

#23  Cooper LePage     6'1 - Crystal Lake South 

#24  Jackson Kotecki    6'9 - St. Ignatius 

#5    Dennis Estepp      6'0 - Grayslake Central 

#12  Jackson Mahoney 6'10 - Don Bosco 

# 0/55 Zarija Grbovic    6'8 - Riverside Brookfield 

#33  Brock Marino        6'7 - Lakes Community High 

#11  Cayden Vasko       6'5 - Don Bosco

#10 George Bellevue    6'5 - Lincoln-Way East 

17u BLACK (2023) 

#4 Eli Aldona                 5'11 - St. Viator 

#36 Tylon Tolliver         6'2 - Lincoln Way East 

#47 Nik Raic                  6'8 - Libertyville 

#48 Max Menninga      6'4 - Hersey 

#0/51Jake Feightner    6'3 - Barrington 

#55 James Dwyer         6'3 - Carmel

#49 Donovan Nichols  5'11- Barrington        


16u RISE (2024)

#0 Josh Fridman          5'9 - Glenbrook North 

#1 Patrick Schaller      6'6 - Glenbrook North 

#2 Braeden Carlsen    6'3 - Wauconda 

#3 Nate Kasher           6'0 - Glenbrook South 

#9 Owen Giannoulias 5'10 - Glenbrook North 

#25 Ayden Goll            6'0 - Milton (WI) 

#34 Josh Stewart         5'11 - Carmel 

#35 Nick Taylor            6'6 - Glenbrook South 

#45 Tommie Aberle    6'2 - Lake Forest


16u BLACK (2024)

#32 Ian Brown                     6'4  - New Trier 

#40 Ethan De La Navarre  6'0 - Maine South 

#42 Jacob Bahrani              6'2 - Libertyville 

#43 Peter Bogicevic            6'3 - Maine South 

#44 Jackson Labkon           6'0 - St. Ignatius 

#44 James Schomburg       6'1 - Honnengah 

#48 Odin Belskis                 6'3  - Grayslake Central 

#58 Noah Lamora              6'3 -  Carmel 

#30 Cayden Mudd              5'11 - Wauconda

#18 Marko Visnjevac          5'10 - McHenry  

15u RISE (2024)

#7       Ayden Farrare             6'4 - Hindsdale South 

#55     Tyler Thick                   6'6 - Hindsdale Central 

#29     Theo Rocca                  6'1 - Evanston  

#37     Luca Agresti                 6'4 - Beacon Academy 

#14     Panayiotis Sotos         5'11 - Maine South 

#20     Reed Olsen                  5'10 - Niles North  

#49     Jaeden Warrener        6'0 - Rolling Meadows 

#45/0 Ben Gablenz                6'3 - Prairie Ridge 

#28     Ricky Divito                  5'8 -Hersey 

#19     Drew Bartolai               6'4 -Lane Tech

15u BLACK (2025)

#10 Connor Hayes                  5'8 - St. Viator        

#38 Micah Gottstein               6'1 - Glenbrook- North  

#47 Hayden White                  6'1 - Woodstock 

#43/29  Matthew Doland       5'9 - St. Viator 

#38   Kain Kretschmar            6'1 - Lake Zurich (2026) 

# 39  Christopher Kirkpatrick 6'1 - New Trier (2026)

#15   Danny Lee                       6'1 - Loyola Academy (2026)

#.      Adam Anwar                   6-5 - McHenry (2026)



  We will adapt to the environment and design as always a safe first efficient elite program for our players.  We have been approached by all the great leagues and events expressing their wants to have Fundamental U. in attendance stating our amazing history of a first class program!  In this crazy time we will have to be constantly monitoring the best situations for our program.  Stay tuned!

Under Armour Rise/Future Circuits. 

The @uarisecurcuit for the 14U-17U teams and will play under the same roof as the UAA.

The @uafuturecircuit is for the 10U-14U teams 


The Under Armour Rise Circuit is a circuit for elite boys and girls from 9-11th grade (15U-17U) that will play under the same roof as the (UNDER ARMOUR ASSOCIATION (UAA) CIRCUIT during the NCAA live/recruiting periods. 

Under Armour will also have dedicated websites and social media (Twitter & Instagram) to both the boys and girls UA Rise circuits, which will be available soon!!


The Under Armour Future Circuit is the premier, exclusive exclusive elementary and middle school basketball circuit in North America. In its inaugural year in 2019, the UA Future Circuit hosted over 500 teams from 40 states and Canada. This upcoming Spring and Summer, the UA Future will host circuits and qualifiers all over North America for boys and girls. The circuit will end with a 3 day Championship Event, eventually crowning ONE champion in each age group 4th-8th grade boys and 5th-8th grade girls. Don't miss out on your opportunity to compete against the best teams in middle school basketball from around the country! 

PrepHoops Circuit Logo.jpg



The Prep Hoops Circuit is a look into the future of grassroots basketball. An independent platform that provides the visibility, benefits, and experience of the elite shoe circuits, coupled with flexibility, logistical, and financial effectiveness required to run an elite program. Maximum exposure!


A national grassroots platform that has established itself for years running top level events, high exposure, and top competition in true basketball enviroments. 


All 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U,14U, 15U, 16U, 17U players will be evaluated for the Fundamental U



*Each session is filled with individual skills, team skills and team concepts building into competition on The F.U. Way!  We need players to attend all sessions for us to build continuity to get proper evaluations for us and your player to make sure of a great fit for everyone involved!​​


                                    **JR. FUNDAMENTAL U BOYS**


                                  **JR. FUNDAMENTAL U GIRLS**





*Each session is filled with individual skills, team skills and team concepts building into competition on The F.U. Way!  We need players to attend all sessions for us to build continuity to get proper evaluations for us and your player to make sure of a great fit for everyone involved!​

Mini Camp is closed to parents and spectators, only players and coaches are allowed in the gym during camp hours.

Each session will include skill work, team philosophies, competitions, teaching, and live gameplay. This camp will be used to evaluate players skill level and desire to be part of a college-level training program. We are looking for the right people that fit the model of what the program is about. This is a unique program like no other, designed to prepare young players for the commitment and desire to reach goals of being a college athlete. Players will be learning "Academy College System".


This camp will build on each session and is a great way for players to experience a college-level practice, plus learn about efficiency and clean skills.  They also will be exposed to great insight on where their game is now and the potential to go!


At the conclusion of the mini-camp players will be informed by phone of their status on being apart of the Fundamental University team program. At session 3 players will receive an informational packet, including practice schedule, tournament schedule, and fee breakdown.


We would like you to attend all your proper sessions for the learning and evaluation process.  We understand if there are conflicts.

If you have any questions please email