Coach Weinstein’s philosophy on skill training is positive reps with purpose! Coach Weinstein is well schooled in skill training, developing skills to be successful in basketball. He believes in avoiding fancy unrealistic moves and focusing on clean, simple, sharp moves. He specializes in shooting instruction, getting to your shot, shot efficiency, creating space to get to your shot, 1 on 1 moves, learning how to play with 2 or 3 players, reads and setups. Coach Weinstein also believes in hard intense work out, not leisure or half speed.

 Known as a basketball fundamental guy, Coach Weinstein uses drills that have purpose in game situations. His players over time have shown great consistency and improvement. There is no secrets in development, it's understanding what your working on, doing it at game speed and consistently putting in the time of correct repetitions.

 Coach Weinstein has developed many of the top shooters in the last 18 years from this area and also has done great work with post players sending 8 to division 1 level in last 7 years.

 Work outs are done in groups and consist of hour to hour an half. Groups are by position and level of play. There will be high school and college level groups.  Work outs are done in Fall, Spring and Summer.

To find out how to join please send email to with players information.


Location: Northern Suburbs - Lake Forest Academy

1) High school post players: one on one moves, timing drills, flash shots, competition!  

2) High school shooting and one on one moves: proper shooting, getting to your shot, creating space for shot and competitions!

3) Training will start in September & October starting first Sunday after Labor Day Weekend..  There will be 1 or 2  nights a week of 1 hour and 15 min sessions. There also will be Sunday sessions at 9am to 1030am.  Each  session will cost $50 per session and space will be limmited!  The sessions broken down by age and level of play, Coach Weinstein will assign you, reach him at 312-907-2003 text to jump in!