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The Program

In 2013, Michael Weinstein founded Fundamental University with a specific approach: to not only enhance basketball skills but also to forge lasting connections between aspiring players, top schools, and the media outlets that cover them. Our success is rooted in this methodology.


Here at Fundamental U, we're more than just a basketball program. We're a community of driven individuals, united in our quest for excellence. We cultivate a culture where great people thrive in a genuine environment, dedicated to bringing out the best in each other. Our approach is distinctive – it's not just about playing the game; it's about preparing young men for life's next level.


We focus on the holistic development of our players: the hard work, the learning curve, the skill enhancement, effective communication, and the spirit of competition. Our goal is to equip our athletes with not only the physical skills but also the knowledge and experience to make informed life and career decisions.


Our results speak for themselves. Each year, out of the 18-24 players on our 17U teams, between 10-15 typically move on to college basketball. Since our inception, we've been the launchpad for 139 college basketball players – with 52 reaching the Division 1 level, 16 at Division 2 level, and 67 in Division 3. This is a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and shaping futures.


At Fundamental U, we're not just building basketball players; we're shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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