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The Program

Fundamental University was established in 2013 by Michael Weinstein. Our program has achieved success through its unique ability to maximize the basketball abilities of our players while mindfully facilitating the interactions between prospects, schools, and media outlets.


At Fundamental U we focus on fostering a great culture with great people in a genuine environment to be the best we all can be. We do it differently than most. We are preparing young men for the next level. We focus on working hard, learning, developing, communicating and competing. We want our players to have the experience and the information they need in order to make the best decision for them.  

We also want to make sure we have the right kind of people who are excited to work with us. Our recruiting history is unmatched. Of the 18-24 players we will have on our 17U teams, 10-15 will go on to play college basketball. Since 2013, Michael Weinstein and Fundamental U have produced an average of 12 college basketball players per year: 132 college basketball players in total. We’ve produced 49 players at the Division 1 level, 15 players at the Division 2 level, and 64 players at the Division 3 level. 

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