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Jr Fundamental U
Fall Program Registration

6th - 9th Grade

Fall Program Details

Our Fall Jr FU Program this year will focus on increased opportunities for skill development and competitive play. Teams will practice twice weekly, emphasizing individual player growth and preparation for our Fundamental U Fall League games at the Waukegan Field House every Sunday. It’s a perfect chance for current players to continue their journey from the spring season and for newcomers to get a head start on next year. Stay tuned for more details as we finalize schedules and programming.

Fall Tryout Details

Age Levels

6th - 9th Grade

Tryout Location

Northridge Preparatory School

8320 W Ballard Rd, Niles, IL


Tryout Dates & Times


Tryout Format

We will be holding 2-3 tryout sessions for our spring program in order to allow new players to get a feel for our program, our expectations, and our approach. Our spring tryout will closely mirror the structure of our practices in order to give prospective players an authentic look at how our program operates on a day to day basis. 

Each tryout is intended to build upon the previous as they will lead directly into the start of the practice once tryouts conclude. Players are expected to attend all tryouts if possible.

Price: TBD

Jr Fundamental U
Registration Form


**no refunds**

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